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Nestled in the heart of the Sanpete Valley in Moroni Utah, Nutri-Mulch® produces one of the most advanced natural compost products in the industry. Optimized by over twenty years of testing and research, this product is created from the natural wood shaving used as bedding and turkey manure.

Whether you are planting a new lawn, rejuvenating an existing flower bed or conditioning a garden, ensure exceptional results when your lawn and garden is powered by Nutri-Mulch®.



Suggested Uses

  • Garden and Plant Bed Usage: Apply 1-2” of Nutri-Mulch® to the ground surface and till to a depth of 4-6”. Proceed to plant as normal or add sod on the surface.
  • Tree & Shrub Planting: Mix Nutri-Mulch® in a 25-35% ratio with backfill soil to be placed around the roots.
  • Top Dressing: Spread Nutri-Mulch® ¼” deep over existing sod and water well. Nutri-Mulch®  is not recommended as top dressing in flower beds and gardens because it is so find that the wind blows it away or water will cause to float away. For this reason it is recommended it be worked into the soil in around plants in existing beds.

Superior results are reported as gardeners use this product as directed. Healthier yards, more robust vegetable and fruit production and decreased water usage are just a few of the benefits reported by Nutri-Mulch® customers. Don’t your customers deserve plants and lawns powered by Nutri-Mulch®?


Nutri-Mulch® is one of the most advanced composting solutions on the market. Here are just a few of the benefits that exist when your lawn or plants are powered by Nutri-Mulch®

  • Nutri-Mulch contains soil-enriching nutrients in the form of large organic molecules which retained in the soil and bio-available to the plants when needed.
  • Bacteria contained in Nutri-Mulch® breaks down organic material into available nutrients.
  • Compost augments soil structure, reducing the chance of erosion.
  • Compost enriched soil encourages beneficial insects keeping soil well aerated.
  • Compost will improve existing soil properties encouraging healthy root structure.
  • Compost will reduce the need for synthetic fertilizer use.
OMRI Listed
  • Nutri-Mulch® nutrients are slow released over months or even years, significantly reducing the need for chemical pesticides.
  • A 5% increase in organic material quadruples soils water holding capacity.

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