Product Overview

About our Product!


Nutri-Mulch® is a natural compost perfected through over 20 years of research and testing. This product provides nutrients which slow release providing longer plant feeding than synthetic fertilizer. In addition, Nutri-Mulch®  will loosen tightly bound particles in clay improving root structure, water –drainage and air penetration; no need to purchase other products for this purpose. —Wood shavings remain in the compost decompose, which, aided by the abundant, available nitrogen does not compromise plant nutrition.

Nutri-Mulch® is derived from the production of five million turkeys in the Sanpete Valley of Utah by Moroni Feed Company. Used turkey bedding (wood shavings containing their manure) is collected at a central processing facility. This byproduct is placed in long windrows and moistened to an optimal level. The composting process begins and reaches temperatures as high as 150 degrees Farenheit. This natural process is accomplished by aerobic bacteria, critical to composting. The result is a weed free compost with no harsh aroma and stellar growing properties.

Composition and Analysis: Nutri-Mulch® is a superior amendment of neutral pH containing soil enriching nutrients in the form of large organic molecules which remain in the soil where they are placed and are bio-available to the plant roots when needed. Guaranteed to have an N:P:K ratio of 1:1:1, Nutri-Mulch®  also contains many other micro-nutrients which greatly enhance plant growth and health.

Suggested use:

  • Garden and Plant Bed Usage: Apply 1-2” of Nutri-Mulch® to the ground surface and till to a depth of 4-6”. Proceed to plant as normal or add sod on the surface.
  • Tree & Shrub Planting: Mix Nutri-Mulch® in a 25-35% ratio with backfill soil to be placed around the roots.
  • Top Dressing: Spread Nutri-Mulch® ¼” deep over existing sod and water well. Nutri-Mulch®  is not recommended as top dressing in flower beds and gardens because it is so find that the wind blows it away or water will cause to float away. For this reason it is recommended it be worked into the soil in around plants in existing beds.

Superior results are reported as gardeners use this product as directed. Healthier yards, more robust vegetable and fruit production and decreased water usage are just a few of the benefits reported by Nutri-Mulch® customers. Don’t your customers deserve plants and lawns powered by Nutri-Mulch®?